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I am JMBD (Jae Eem Bee Dee), and this is my Project Consultation and Freelance Programming Blog / Vlog, and my age as of now is: ( 26 )..
I am a Freelance Programmer, Developer. And soon to be a Computer Engineering aspirant, I graduated from Industrial Technology (Mainly, Electronics) I've been into this Field since 2016 and on-wards like creating Scripts for Ethical Hacker's alike, I was born in Cebu City, Philippines.. May 07, 1997 is my Birthday. I am a pure Filipino with a Blend of Chinese Blood who also love to Thinker into Assembly Language Codes, and have created my own Programming Language..
Z-Language and its components are pre-defined syntax transpiler for Apache's CGI-BIN feature which allows you to use Assembly-compiled Code for WebApps.. It has the same functions as PHP, as thereby: echo() is equals to zout() for Z Language, this was created on the Mid of 2020 as a Transpiler Language.. More will be added soon, Don't worry!
Snowkelus-PHP is a Vercel-based TypeScript-focused type of Run-Time, I based this on the Works of Felix (juicyfx/vercel-php) since I had no other guides to follow up on which is the Serverless Method of Typescript Files, the Platform it was based on was formerly known as ZEIT Now (currently, Vercel), I finished the Porting since December 8th of 2021st and will be Porting several new PHP Extensions on it maybe sometime around 2021 to 2022 or ahead of 2023..